Still crazy after all those years...

Tomorrow, Helena & Christoffer will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a gorgeous party and I will be there too. Yes!!! They booked me again to document this event. It will take place at the same location, with the same guests and it seems that we get a beautiful sunny afternoon - again.


Please have a look at their album I did 10 years ago:

At that time - back in 2000 - I was one of the first wedding photographers who worked outside the studio, on location, with my Hasselblad off the tripod! Every image was on 120 film (!) and you better created each picture directly in the camera. Without Photoshop!!!

Helena & Christoffer wanted some black & white images too. That ment that we had to switch to B/W film. No converting colour to B/W in the computer...

Helena & Christoffer are now the parents of two beautifull kids - Carl Hugo and Amanda - they live now in Switzerland and are still crazy about each other after all those years.

The album quality 10 years ago was incredible. Those leather albums my clients ordered at that time still look gorgeous. Look at the details of the corners!

Nowadays we can create stunning coffee-table-books that my clients of today order for the documentary photography - and Helena & Christopher already know that they will order a CTB with all the images from their 10th wedding anniversary.





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